How Can I Get More Twitter Followers

1. Provide Information Your Audience Is Looking For

If you are managing a business Twitter account, they are following you for your advice and recommendations. Post links to blog posts and websites that your audience will find interesting and helpful. By posting this valuable information, you are developing rapport with your online audience. Your Twitter followers will view you as an expert in your field and as someone that can help them achieve their goals.

2. Create Interesting Content

Twitter is a social network and micro-blogging service that helps you answer the question – What’s happening? However if all you are doing is giving a second by second commentary on your mundane daily happenings, you will lose followers fast. Yes you can share your thoughts and activities but make it worth reading!

3. Be Promotional

There is nothing wrong with promoting your own products and services on your Twitter posts – as long as this is done in a thoughtful way. Your followers may not always get the chance to visit your blog. However if they are introduced to a post in a meaningful and interesting way, they will usually take the time to follow your link.

4. Interact With Your Audience

You are not on Twitter to just log on, link to a blog post and raison d’etre on Twitter is to converse with your online audience. This conversation isn’t a scripted monologue but an interactive and spontaneous exchange of ideas. The more you engage and participate, the faster your community will grow.

5. Connect With Your Followers On a Personal Level

When someone follows you on Twitter, they are following you, your ideas, your energy and your personality. One of the best ways to create engaging content that people naturally will follow is by showing them what makes you tick. Share with your followers who you are, what inspires you and your journey from where you came from to where you are now.

6. Be Considerate and Don’t Clog The Twittersphere

Part of growing your list of followers is being aware of Twitter Etiquette. Because of the nature of the Twitter platform, it is quite easy to start clogging the Twittersphere with a long series of tweets. If you find yourself going back and forth in conversation with one person, it is time to move your conversation to Direct Messages, email or even the phone.

7. Find Balance

Finding balance is an important part of growing your number of followers. If all you do is send endless Twitter posts about what you are promoting, your audience will quickly tire of your posts. If all you do is update about what is happening in your company but you never respond, you really aren’t engaging in a conversation. Balance is the key in growing your Twitter audience.