Grow Your Business Using Twitter

It was in 2006 that Twitter was launched into the marketplace and over the years it has grown rapidly. During February of 2009 it was ranked third place right under MySpace and Facebook. This site is now being used by many business owners as they market their businesses. Many people are not sure how to maximize the advantages of this site however.

Here are some tips for new users of Twitter:

Twitter can be used to do your market research. All businesses must have a targeted market. By using Twitter, it is possible to access your market easily and get feedback from them. Some of today’s business owners are not seeing this because they fail to recognize the needs of the market. Through the assistance of social network sites like Twitter, it is possible to learn about the requirements of your prospects and the issues that are currently part of their lives.

This is vital information for your business. You can always write articles and post to your blog concerning the market needs. You can even create new services designed to meet those needs and maybe even conduct teleseminars on topics of interest to that market.

You have to build a list. After you have a list, you will be able to share the information about your business with free gifts and newsletters. It is not necessary to promote your business with every communication you have with your market, but you should always mention it from time to time.

Each time you meet new people on Twitter, you have to establish a relationship with them. Remember, you are also a customer. You are looking to buy something from people you trust. This is the same way with your target market. You have to get acquainted with your clients and customers if you are going to win their confidence and trust. Every tweet and update should be designed to provide your friends with something helpful with limited promotion. This will help you to attract subscribers and generate new prospects.

You have to learn to create blogs. To show your business expertise you have to create good blog posts. There are tools on twitter that automatically check and share your blog posts with your audience.

You can offer special events and teleseminars as a way to increase your list, and build your prospects. As you invite more people to these events you will be promoting your business more.

You have to create your Twitter account before you are allowed to use the site to advertise your business. You will also want to create a profile page for your business as well. After setting up your account, you will be able to let people know about your business. The first question on Twitter that you will need to answer is what you are doing. The answer to this will let everyone in the world know what you want them to know about the business you are involved in. Once you have done that, you can follow the tips that were mentioned above.